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Douglas Fir:

2x4x8  2x6x8  2x4x12  2x6x12

Treated Douglas Fir:

2x4x8  2x6x8  2x12x8  2x4x12  2x6x12  4x4x8  5x8 Rounds


4x4x8  2x4x8  2x6x8  2x12x8  1x6x6


1x12x8  2x4x8  2x2x8  1x4x8  1x6x8  1x8x8 


4x8 sheets which can be cut in halves and quarters

Thicknesses: 1/4  3/8  1/2  3/4  and 5/8 



 If you need a screw, fastener or another small piece, Sebastopol Hardware most likely has it, even the hard-to-find ones. We have the best selection around! Our knowledgeable staff will help you find what you need and move you along with your project. 



Whatever tool you need to get the job done, Sebastopol Hardware has what you need.



Gutter supplies are one of those things you want to get before you need it, because when you need it, you've got a leaky roof and that's no fun.

Cleaning and then preventing gutter clogs and leaks are the key to keeping it mess-free.


Corrugated roof panels are a quick and easy way to roof a small shed or area, create a fence or create unique decorative area dividers. 



Tarps are great to have laying around the house. They are useful in the yard, to help a leaky roof, cover a BBQ and so much more. 

With sizes ranging from 4x6 to 40x60, we have a tarp for you.


Weather stripping in different styles will help you get the best seal on windows and doors preventing moisture and air from entering your home. 


Wire: Chicken, Aviary, Welded Fencing, Plastic and more


Hog Paneling


T and U posts in sizes up to 7ft (U-posts) and 8ft (T-posts)


Our helpful staff will set you up with what you need and give you any advice to get your fencing project complete.



We all know that safety is important, but what's the best way to ensure you and your family's safety? 

Well, we have the solutions and preventative care for your home.


Safety Tread is a great and easy way to create non-slip surfaces in your home, bath and outdoors, especially great for stairs and walkways.


Back braces will help keep your body safe while working in the yard, around the home or moving heavy objects.

Construction Safety:

Hard hats, safety cones, marking paint and so much more to keep your job-site safe.

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