How-to advice

The men and women at Sebastopol Hardware have years of experience and are here to find what you need, help you with your project or show you the best product for the job.

We aim for old-fashioned service at its best!


We deliver locally! 

Flat fee of $25 for deliveries within 5 miles.  

Each additional mile is $3.00 

** We do not deliver sheet rock ** 

For bagged products a $0.50 charge will be applied for each bag

Special Orders

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know and we can order it for you. 

We can even order certain items we don't carry! 

On our discount Super and Senior days making a special order or rain check will ensure you get the discount. 

Keys (Lock Re-Keying)

We have keys galore! 

We can also make chip keys for cars. 

Re-keying: We can re-key existing and/or store purchased locks for Schlage and Kwikset brands. 

                     Lock from home: $10

                     Store-bought lock:$8

Watch Battery

Watch stop ticking? Bring it in and we can replace the battery for you.  

We also carry watch bands!


Batteries, Ink cartridges, paint, and florescent bulbs can all be recycled here. 

  • Paint must be sealed, and labeled. (Cans must contain paint and only paint, no empty cans, no wood stains, no aerosol cans, plaster etc.) 

  • Fluorescent bulbs: 

    • 24"-48" --- $1.00​

    • 52"-96" --- $2.00

    • U-Shaped --- $2.00

    • CFL tube --- $0.75

    • Circular --- $2.00

Gift Wrapping/Gift Baskets

Free gift wrapping for all occasions. If it's big, we'll put a bow on it!

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Glass Cutting

Our high-quality window glass can be cut to order in sizes up to 48” x 32” or 36” x 44”.  It is just right for windows or art.  We also have non-reflective glass, obscure glass, mirror glass and plexiglass we can cut to your specifications.

Pipe Threading

We have all the standard lengths of pipe in stock but if you need an odd length, we’ll cut and thread it to your specifications.

Hose Repair

We can put a nice new brass end on your garden hose for you, or fix a slash in the middle.

Screen Repair

We can repair and re-screen your existing window screens or make new ones for you.  We have a variety of frame finishes and screen colors from which to choose.  We also carry an extra durable type of screen that is great for households with pets.

In the fall, replace your screens with a clear vapor barrier and cut your heating bills. The ultra-clear plastic is installed in a screen frame.


Need that chef’s knife sharpened?  We’re experts!  We also sharpen scissors, axes, mower blades, machetes, sickles and grass and hedge clippers. 
We do tools like shovels, hoes, picks, circular saw blades, hand saws, axes, chain saw blades.

Tool Repair

We can make a new chain saw chain for you or replace a wheelbarrow tube or tire.  If you have a tool repair problem, just ask!

Handle Replacement: If you need a new shovel, hammer, lopper or wheelbarrow handle installed, we can do that for you.

Tune-ups: We also tune up loppers and pruners.  We’ll clean, oil and sharpen them for you to get them ready for pruning season.  We can replace parts on many models as well.

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