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Sebastopol Hardware customized pet tags in different shapes and colors.

Did you get a new pet? Need a new identification tag? 

Sebastopol Hardware Center is the perfect destination for all of your pet needs! Our store offers a great selection of pet tags in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that suits your pet best. Come by and check us out today! 




Betta fish and supplies

Betta fish and supplies! 

Yellow fire shrimp


Kaytee Chews
Oxbow Simple Rewards

 Chews and Snacks

Chews and treats can help keep your pets teeth from overgrowing. 

Keep one in their cage for a fun and helpful treat and your furry friends will thank you.

Small rodent shelters and wheels
Oxbow Western Timothy Hay


Houses, Wheels and Cage Accessories

Wheels and travel balls are a great way to keep you critters exercised and happy, they will love getting to safely travel around the house and discover the world outside their home.

Burrowing animals like being able to safely have a place to stay and create a nest, get them a home to call their own.

Carefresh bedding


Along with having a small place to burrow, small animals are entertained by having a variety of textures in their cage to keep them entertained. Our variety of bedding will compliment any of your small animals needs. 


Hide some of their food throughout their bedding, they enjoy searching and digging for their food.

Click the above PDF to learn how to properly care for your pet Rabbit. 


Bird Treats
Volkman bird food


Bird Feed and Snacks

Bird seed blends unique for each of your feathered friends.

(Wild bird seed is sold in the garden department)

Cuttlefish bone
Millet for birds
IMG_0043 (2).JPG


Cuttlebone, Millet and Bird Toys!

Cuttlebones provide your bird with necessary nutrients and minerals like calcium, which helps them develop stronger bones.

Millet makes a great treat and addition to a birds diet. 

Like all other animals, birds need toys too! We have a selection of toys that will keep you bird happy and entertained. 

Bulk chicken feed


Chicken Feed

Chicken feed, medicated and non-medicated, is available in bags and bulk supply.

The proper diet for your flock is very important. 


bearded dragon
bearded dragon


Live Animals

Bearded Dragons

Pacman Frogs



...and more!

Call the pet department to see what kind of animals we have in stock!

Reptile food
bearded dragon food
crickets at sebastopol hardware small, medium and large

We carry crickets in small, medium and large sizes. 

Food and Feeder Crickets

Feeding your reptiles, amphibians, and other small critters a proper diet is important for their overall health. 

Along with food we carry:

Heat lamps

Water dishes

Dietary supplements

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